Monday, March 28, 2011

Our Latest Designs

Added our latest house designs. Click to view full size.

2-storey Residential located in Corner Lot

2-storey Loft Type

2-storey Residential Unit with Loft Sing-attached Type

2-storey Residential Unit

2-storey Residential Perspective View

3-storey Commercial Building with Roof Deck

Two-storey Residential Unit

Two-storey Residential with Loft Front View

Two-storey Residential with Loft

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aidelyn said...

hello ask ko lang sana...about the scheme 2 model a, we have a lot in antel grand..pede kya yang model na yan for 80sqm.and how much will it cost us???how long will it be finished???and do you do terms payment,f you can,how much down payment do we have to make? howpefully 5 years is our contact details...09064937273, ad.

thanks and we will be awaiting for your reply...thanks

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